Bacchus Marsh Change

Deli & Seafood

Short Cut Bacon
$16.99 per kg
Fabbris Virginian Ham Shaved or Sliced
$12.99 per kg
Middle Bacon Kg
$17.99 per kg
BBQ Roast Chicken each
$9.99 each
Atlantic Salmon Fillets
was $47.99 $31.99 per kg
Fabbris Easy Cut Ham Off The Bone Sliced & Shaved
$15.99 per kg
Don Kabana per KG
$16.99 per kg
Chicken Loaf Square
$14.99 per kg
Don Champagne Ham Sliced or Shaved
$15.99 per kg
Don Hungarian Salami Mild
$28.98 per kg
Don Skinless Frankfurts Kg
$11.99 per kg
Don Strassburg Sliced or Shaved per KG
$16.99 per kg
Turkey Breast Fillet Kg
$29.89 per kg
Chicken Schnitzel each
$2.59 each
Barwon Valley Boneless Ham
$24.99 per kg
Bertocchi Honey Leg Ham Sliced or Shaved
$16.99 per kg
Krc Pizza Topping Kg
$12.99 per kg
Creamy Pasta Salad per KG
$12.99 per kg
Krc Bacon Pieces Kg
$12.99 per kg
Don Skinless Cocktail Franks Kg
$11.99 per kg
Krc Cheese Kransky Kg
$18.98 per kg
Krc Cocktail Frankfurts Kg
was $8.98 $6.99 per kg
German Potato Egg & Bacon Salad per Kg
$15.99 per kg
Bertocchi Streaky Bacon 200g
$4.99 each $2.50 per 100gm
Coleslaw Salad per KG
$12.99 per kg
Fabbris Double Smoked Leg Ham Sliced or Shaved
$19.49 per kg
Ham Otway Champagne Leg Sliced or Shaved KG
$28.99 per kg
Prosciutto Crudo
$46.99 per kg
Roast Pork Plain Sliced or Shaved KG
$23.99 per kg
Ham Hocks Kg
$8.99 per kg
Tibaldi Triple Smoked Ham Sliced or Shaved
$19.98 per kg
Bertocchi Double Smoked Ham
$9.99 per kg
Dandy Mild Twiggy Sticks per KG
$31.98 per kg
Don Hungarian Hot Salami
$28.98 per kg
Gummy Flake Kg
$46.99 per kg
Meredith Marinated Goats Cheese 320gm
$9.99 each $3.12 per 100g
Vegetable Burgers Each
$4.49 each
Chorizo Kg
was $19.98 $18.99 per kg
Roast Beef Shaved or Sliced KG
$28.98 per kg
Flathead Fillets Skin Off Kg
$59.99 per kg
Lemnos Organic Haloumi 180g
$7.39 each $41.06 per kg
Bertocchi Sopressa Mild Salami
$24.99 per kg
Danish White Fetta
$12.99 per kg
Fabris Silverside Sliced or Shaved KG
was $26.99 $17.99 per kg
Jindi Triple Cream Brie 180g
was $10.19 $9.59 each $53.28 per kg
Kalamata Pitted Olives
$18.99 per kg
South Cape Greek Fetta 200g
was $5.39 $5.19 each $25.95 per kg
Australian Short Cut Bacon
$18.98 per kg
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